Dear colleagues from all over the world,

We, the Argentine Association of Audio-visuals Editors (EDA), are delighted to share with you the online release of our book Between Cuts. Conversations with Argentinian Editors, published in 2016 in Spanish and now available in English.

A work-in-progress translation made by the outstanding collaboration of some of our members with the objective of breaking boundaries and making all this national knowledge be accesible to professionals and students from all over the world. In order to share our heritage and history of this crafting work through the word of thousands of anecdotes and experiences from seventeen of the most well-known Argentinian TV and Film editors.

A new interview will be available montly, so if interested, please stay tuned to our publications.

In the third chapter, you will meet Oscar Montauti; a man who conceived newcomers as a key to success in a time when they were seen as competition.

In the second chapter, you will meet the second interviewee; Juan Carlos Macías, one of the first Argentinian editors to work with AVID.

In the first chapter, you will be able to get to know the prologue of the book, our objectives as authors and the first interviewee: Miguel Pérez.

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